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AndroIRC 4.0 is available in beta! More informations here: http://www.androirc.com/blog/34/androirc-v4-0-beta-2-is-here

AndroIRC is your new IRC client!

* mIRC colors
* auto join channels on startup
* nickserv auth
* Android notifications
* copy & paste
* logging
* sasl auth (plain and blowfish)
* Multiple servers connections (SSL support)
* Easy access menu to kick, ban, change privileges...
* FiSH support (needs Android 2.3 or above)
* Tablet support
* SSL certificate support
* /Ignore support
* Nick and channels completion
* Shortcuts
* Handle irc:// links
* And much more!

Some UI tips:
You can see userlist by double tapping on the screen, and the open channels list by single tapping. You can also navigate between open channels by flinging!

If you want to report some issues or bugs, please use our support page: http://www.androirc.com/support

* All latest news on http://www.androirc.com
* Bugs? Report them in http://bugs.androirc.com !

Starting with AndroIRC 3.2, a new permission is required to get access to your location. This is *only* for the new action "Share my location" and nothing else! Moreover, AndroIRC *does not* have access to a precise position (given by GPS), but only to an approximate one (given by the network).

AndroIRC 4.0 beta 2 is available! See here for more informations: http://www.androirc.com/blog/34/androirc-v4-0-beta-2-is-here

What's new on v3.3.4?
* Users list is back!

What's new on v3.3.3?
* translations updated
* bugs fix

What's new on v3.3.2?
* Honeycomb users can now access preferences
* Nickserv authentication preferences are now correctly saved

What's new on v3.3.1?
* fixed an issue introduced by 3.3.0 concerning the dark theme. You should now have the black background back! Sorry about that!

What's new on v3.3?
* The main UI has been redesigned to allow easier access to the opened channels
* SSL certificate support
* /Ignore support (with same mIRC syntax)

See http://www.androirc.com/changelog/3.3 for a full changelog, and http://www.androirc.com/article/31/androirc-3-3-now-available-on-the-android-market for more details!

What's new on v3.2?
* added: "Share my location" action. It shares your location with the active channel or the active query. This is why AndroIRC needs a new "Your location" permission. It's only used for the "Share your location" feature, and for nothing else!
* fixed: properly handle network disconnection/reconnection if the app. if in background. It may not be perfect yet, but it's much better than before.
* fixed: connection issues should now be resolved for everyone
* fixed: if SSL options is turned on and the selected port does not accept SSL, automatically turn SSL off.

To start download the software please click here: Site 1

If you can not download this product please report us broken link

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