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Are the community sites like Craigslist, Backpage, Kijiji too restrictive and lack effectiveness in getting your word out? Are you looking for a NEW, LESS RESTRICTIVE, EXCITING and EFFICIENT way of sharing news regarding a product, service, job opportunity, opinion and MUCH MORE? Come be part of this BRAND NEW, FIRST OF ITS KIND private community network where you and everyone on the network can publish and share virtually any news regarding anything such as local, national, international news, events, products, services, job opportunities, opinions, questions, and MUCH MORE ALL FOR FREE! Find hard to find news, events, products, services, job opportunities, answers. This NEW INCREDIBLE and Extremely EFFICIENT community network call "Global Herald Network" accessible only via its client software "Herald" will soon become your newest best friend. Features: - Create unlimited user accounts - Create visually stunning announcements using the onboard HMTL Editor - Insert images of any size in your announcements - Embed video, audio as well flash in your announcements - Save unlimited announcements - Publish unlimited announcements - Flag announcements - Reply to announcements using Global Herald Network's Message Exchange System (MES) similar to email - Send messages to users on the network using (MES) similar to email - Notification of new incoming messages - Rate users on the network - View user's feedback - Report users for unsolicited messages - Block users from sending your messages - Add users to your contact list - Track how many times your announcement is found, read, flagged, replied. - Search Global Herald Network and the Internet - Bookmark announcements, web pages - View both the Network and Your Daily Stats as well History - Post to the Community Bulletin - Display Banner Ads (paid service) - Track banner ad stats via control panel - And Much more!!

Supported OS: Windows XP

System Req: Microsoft .NET Framework v 3.5 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package

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