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Server Status (for Minecraft) 1.9.1

Description of Server Status (for Minecraft) 1.9.1:
Server Status is an app that uses a feature of Minecraft to get a server's number of players and MOTD (much like the new multiplayer option in the game). Server Status does not need any server-side mods or plugins, just a Minecraft server. This app can also refresh, reorder, rename, and save servers. Server Status is also able to list Minecraft Pocket Edition servers on the Wifi network, but will not show the number of players online or latency (yet). This app supports widgets as well, making your favorite servers easy to access without opening Server Status.

This version of server status has advertisements. If you don't want advertisements, or want to support development directly, please take a look at Server Status Pro.

This app needs some permissions to run, namely INTERNET (needs to ask servers over the internet), ACCESS_WIFI_STATE (for broadcast addresses, to use for Pocket Edition servers) and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE (checks to see if wifi/mobile data is enabled, if not, alert the user accordingly).

Supported OS: Android

System Req: Android 1.6 and up

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