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netTALK Text Using Your DUO 1.2.0

Description of netTALK Text Using Your DUO 1.2.0:
// Unlimited SMS texting to the U.S. & Canada Using Your netTALK DUO Home Phone Number without Using Your Wireless Text Plan//

netTALK customers can now send and receive SMS text messages from the netTALK Text Android app by logging in with their DUO credentials for SMS texting. Even while traveling internationally customers can still send and receive SMS text to and from the U.S. & Canada (where Wi-Fi/3G/4G* access is available).

//Getting Started with netTALK SMS Texting//
Please purchase a netTALK Text Plan, from your DUO Customer Account Manager or from within the app, to get an entire year of texting with no contracts and no monthly fees. If your Basic phone service expires within 12 months, the price of the netTALK Text Plan will be pro-rated for the remaining months.

// netTALK Text App Features //
-Unlimited SMS to U.S. & Canada from your netTALK home phone number to any wireless carrier in North America (AT&T,MetroPCS,Sprint/Virgin/Boost,Straight Talk/Tracfone,T-Mobile,Verizon,Bell Canada,Rogers Canada,Telus Canada,Fido,Virgin etc.)
-No Texting Plan required from your mobile provider
-Works on 3G/4G*, orA Wi-Fi
-Supports tablets
-Push Notification for new messages
-Sound Notifications for new messages
-Easily call any contact from a conversation
-Easily search specific words in conversationsA
-Sync with native contacts
-Voice-to-Text Message Creation (if supported by device)
-Offline messages (even if the phone is off netTALK Text App will save your received messages)
-One account syncs across multiple platforms and devices

*Data rates may apply
*Please allow up to 48 hours to receive first incoming text message upon activation
*Note, MMS not supported at this time

Utilize your netTALK Text App along with our FREE netTALK Smartphone App and make free calls over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G to US/Canada and with Ultra Low-Cost International Calling Capabilities, without using cell minutes. Buy TALK Credits to call worldwide at very low rates.

If you have poor cellular coverage at home, make calls worldwide and/or if you are traveling abroad, avoid roaming charges by using netTALK*s Ultra-Low Cost International calling over Wi-Fi.

Winner of PCMag.com and Laptop Editors* Choice awards, the netTALK DUO is a revolutionary VoIP device and digital phone service. The netTALK DUO enables free nationwide calls to any phone in the US and Canada from anywhere in the world, as well as low international rates and a slew of features. No computer is necessary as the netTALK DUO simply plugs directly into a router or modem or via Wi-Fi with our NEW netTALK DUO WiFi.*

netTALK offers enhanced calling plans which makes international calls even more affordable. The North American Add-on Plan is only $70 per year for calling throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. The International Add-on Plan is only $120 per year for calling up to 60 + countries.

Are you interested in purchasing the DUO or DUO WiFi? Go to http://www.nettalk.com/buy

FEEDBACK - Please continue to send feedback to smartphone@nettalk.com

Learn more about netTALK at www.netTALK.com

Supported OS: Android

System Req: Android 2.2 and up

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