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Description of Boycott SOPA 1.31:
We are working on a new app that actually works. It will allow you to make your own communities to boycott companies that oppose your ideals, and see profiles of products and how they align with your values. Check back in September for a link to the new web tool and Android application.

SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) if passed will drastically change the internet for the worse. This app will help you avoid SOPA supporting products to show your displeasure with the bill and help get it voted down! Read more about SOPA here.

What it is: A free android application that you can use to scan bar codes to help identify if products are either created by or intimately related to SOPA supporting companies. There are currently over 800 brands/companies on our list. The list currently being used by the application is available on our website listed below.

This application will help you identify goods of companies which according to publically avaliable sources appear to have been supporting SOPA as of approx. January 5th 2011, but the list will be updated as we go.
It is intended as an aid to identifying such products but should not be relied upon. You should carry out your own check in case of any product this app indicates is a product of a company supporting
SOPA is not.

Please visit our site at www.nomoresopa.com for more information

Donating: We*ve had questions about donating, if you want to donate go here: http://nomoresopa.com/wp/?page_id=25 Donations will go to pizza and beer for long nights improving the application.

IMPORTANT: To all the folks asking why it requires other permissions- this app ONLY requires internet permissions. It does require the barcode scanner app made by the ZXing (google/open source) team to be installed on your phone, and nothing else - this app does the image processing to decode the barcode. If you'd like, you may use Google Goggles instead of ZXing and it will work fine. Our app makes one request over the internet to our server to find if the product is a SOPA supporter. We do not access any other data.

Update: We're working to incorporate the great feature requests that people have asked for. We're implementing a second version of the app right now, which will support multiple boycotts, a contact the company feature, and has a more sophisticated search functionality so accuracy will be improved. Thanks for all the interest and bear with us while we get a newer and more accurate version out.

Supported OS: Android

System Req: Android 2.1 and up

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