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Find My Phone - Mobile Locator is the solution which lets you to know where your phone is at any moment of time
You can view and track location of your lost phone on the map using GPS, if the GPS is not connected then tracking is done through Google Location Service.
Key Features
* Mobile Locator has a unique Security Key for maintaining your privacy, it prevents anonymous tracking.
Default secret key 123, if you want limited people can track you then change secret key from Settings page.
This will ensure your privacy with no unwanted security threats.
* Mobile Locator Feature - 1: Find Me Anywhere: Enable this to locate your phone.
That person will receive your location and map will be displayed if that person is also having Find My Phone - Mobile Locator application installed else only latitude and longitude will be sent over SMS.
* Mobile Locator Feature - 2: Enable this to Locate Nearby: It*s a Ring A Bell feature, If this is enabled then you can make your phone ring in max volume also flash light will be turned on, it can be achieved just by sending SMS from other phone
* Mobile Locator Feature - 3: SIM Change: Enable this to get notification On SIM change, it will be sent to registered numbers with location. Registered number can be set from application setting
* Mobile Locator Feature - 4: Low Battery: Low battery notification will be sent to registered number with location, this enables to know device last location before shutting down.
* Find My Phone - Locate Option: Enables you to locate any other person who is having this application. SMS will be sent to locate
* Find My Phone - Nearby Option: Enables you to make any other persons phone rings at full volume
* Find My Phone: Track Continuous: Lets you to locate any other person continuously (every hour) who is having this application
* Panic Button: This button is there to send immediate help notification to registered number, It carries Location information.
* Passcode security protection to prevent unauthorized usage
* Find My Phone uses GPS location or Google Location Service.
* Find My Phone can automatically turn on and off GPS
* Remotely Enable / Disable GPS
* No Battery Drain
* Email Registration to preserve secure PIN
* Forget PIN can be retrieved by EMAIL and SMS
The Find My Phone - Mobile Locator is easy to use with intuitive UI and provides one of the best protection for your phone.
SMS strings :
User can easily track android device from non android device by sending string over sms.

For e.g.
Suppose you have Device say D1 : Non android device
Device say D2 : Android device, application should be installed in android device.
Security key of D2 should be known to D1 user, default security key is 123

1. To find location, send string locate i.e. send "locate123" from D1(non android) to D2(android) device, D1 will get location(latitude and longitude) of D2 over sms

2.To find phone send string wakeup i.e. send "wake123" from D1(non android) to D2(android) device, Alram would trigger on D2(android).

3. To find location continuously, send string locate continuous i.e. send "locate continuous123" from D1(non android) to D2(android) device, D1 will get location(latitude and longitude) of D2 over sms at the interval of 1 hour.

We are dedicated to your user satisfaction, keep posting your feedback to us. And we will keep working on them.

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