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NFC TagWriter by NXP 2.3

Description of NFC TagWriter by NXP 2.3:
The NXP TagWriter application stores contacts, bookmarks, geo location, Bluetooth Handover, SMS, Mail, text messages and many more to any NFC-enabled tags as well as to items like poster, business cards, watches and many more containing NFC-enabled electronics. Once data has been stored the application allows also reading and viewing the programmed data including options to launch applications automatically based on the contained data.

Advanced features can be enabled via *Switch UI mode* in the preferences.
Installing TagWriter on a non-NFC enabled phone is enabled now but it does of course not allow you to actually program tags. Anyhow, you can now prepare NFC data sets e.g. on a large screen device and then share them with an NFC enabled handset to actually make use of them. Besides that you can catch a pre-view on what you could do with a handset supporting NFC.
Please contact us at nfcapp.support@nxp.com if you have problems, if you don*t find things you seek for and feel free to contact us if you like things, too. We will continue our efforts to add new features for your benefits and we work hard to provide a feature rich application ahead of other applications available in the market.

Main Features:
- Intuitive graphical user guidance for all supported functions
- Bluetooth pairing for all NFC enabled Android versions
- Application launching with optional data handover
- Easily create tag content from your contacts and bookmarks
- Create new content with the included NFC data set editor
- Convert QR Codes into NFC data sets
- View the existing contents of a tag
- Export, import and share NFC data sets
- Manage your own history of tags viewed and written
- Tap to Launch feature to execute content of NFC tags with a simple tap
- Backup the contents of a tag before writing it
- Erase the contents of a tag
- Write-protect a tag
- Write multiple tags in sequence
- Insert increasing counter values when writing NFC data sets

Next to the creation and storing of NFC data sets the NXP TagWriter applications also allows to automatically launching applications based on the data read from NFC-enabled tags and items containing NFC-enabled electronics.
The following NFC data sets are supported to launch applications:
- Contact (vCard) to import data into the address book (Contacts)
- Bookmark (URL) to open a given web address
- Plain text to display simple messages directly on the screen
- SMS (SMS URI) to create a new message
- Mail (Mail URI) to create a new mail message
- Telephone number (TEL URI) to start a call
- Bluetooth to pair and connect devices
- Geo location to open a given destination- File URI to open a file on the device, including file picker UI
- URI to create any kind of URI, also those not directly supported by the NXP TagWriter

It supports a series of configuration options adapting the application to your own needs and preferences. Don*t miss to have a look into the preferences menu and check what you can explore in the about screen.

The application fully supports the NFC Forum Type 1 Tag, Type 2 Tag, Type 3 Tag as well as Type 4 Tag portfolio. This includes a whole range of NXP and third party NFC-enabled contactless IC products like MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire, ICODE SLI and many others.

We are sorry in case the application might show any functional interruption when using it. Please help us to improve and provide us a so called *crash report* and/or contact us via nfcapp.support@nxp.com. This helps us to detect, analyze and fix possible issues you see when using our application in combination with contactless ICs that have not been verified to work and so may cause problems or unexpected behavior on use. We are also happy to support if you have functional questions and feel free to provide suggestions for additional features you miss.

Supported OS: Android

System Req: Android 2.3.3 and up

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