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PC Profile Manager will clean up and help you manage your Active Directory users and computers; determine last logon for both users and computers and in addition, allow you to delete users and computers no longer valid. In addition, PC Profile Manager will clean up your desktop environment of outdated and invalid user profiles, helping to insure your client computers are running at optimal performance levels. PC Profile Manager allows an administrator, within an Active Directory Domain, the ability to collect, view, and disseminate the state of all client Windows computers in their environment. You will be able to perform the following tasks: List of All User Profiles of every Windows Machine in the AD Domain: o Local User Accounts o Domain User Accounts o Roaming User Accounts ∑ List all computers and users from the Active Directory domain: o Lists usernames, full names, and AD Paths o Lists Computers, Computer AD Paths, Operating systems, Service Pack level, System Bios serial number. ∑ Associate Domain User Accounts with their respective Active Directory User and Full Name. ∑ Profile Operations: o Allows profiles to be moved, backed up, and restored within the same operating system family. i.e. XP to XP, Vista to Vista ∑ Computer and User operations: o Add, deletes computers and users from the PC Profile Manager console and from AD o Deleting an AD User will also allow for that userís profile to be deleted from all machines they had ever logged in on automatically. o True Last Logon Time for Users and Computers within AD ∑ Search Operations: o Search Computers, Users, and Profiles by last logon time, and for profiles that are not valid. ∑ Identify Invalid Profiles. ∑ Retrieve Last Login Date of each profile within each computer. ∑ Delete Profiles. ∑ Clean up no longer valid profiles improving PC performance and to assisting a migration to another operating system significantly smoother. ∑ Synchronize AD User and Computers to Console ∑ Remote Operations

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